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Convoy On The Air Ends

WGARS was one of thirteen clubs across the United States to participate in the "Convoy On The Air" event.  Approximately seventy vehicles made their way from Washington, D.C. to San Diego, California over a one month period, re-enacting the original convoy from 1920, which took place to demonstrate military vehicles could be moved across country.

At the time of the original convoy there was no Interstate Highway system, just a patchwork of state and federal highways that interconnected. One of them, "Bankhead Highway", was just such a network of roads.  Over a period of 116 days the original convoy completed the route, with Villa Rica, Georgia being one of the rest stop locations.

As an event station operating concurrently with the convoy, WGARS made 400+ contacts in various modes and bands using the call sign of "K2G" over a period from September 18th thru October 19th.

Thanks to all those participating, including WD8LQT (John Playford), W3RWT (Gerald Roman), KM4BYH (Wayne Hitch), and WX4BK (Brian Keahl) for their participation.


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