March Meeting on 03/12/2024 at 7PM at First Christian Church, 306 College Street, Carrollton, GA.   More Info

October 12th Fox Hunt & Training

If you have been wondering what this fox hunt stuff is all about, here is your opportunity to learn from some seasoned pro’s. All are welcome. The plan is to have some demonstrations and give you the opportunity to try it yourself. When the demonstrations have been completed, there will be a fox hidden somewhere in the park for you to test your new skills.

Who: Anyone (including non-licensee’s) are invited to participate.

  • All you need is a receiver for 2 meters with an S-Meter. A scanner would work fine.

 What: Foxhunt (Radio Direction Finding) Demonstrations AND fox hunt.

  • We will have seasoned fox-hunters who will be demonstrating different techniques at 10:00 a.m..

    • Come on out and see how you can use your HT or Scanner and your body to effectively find the hidden transmitter (fox).

      • Brian, KM4UPX (Brian has a tendency to somehow arrive at the fox before anyone else….maybe he can teach us how)

    • Using a tape measure Yagi an antenna

      • Brian, KM4UPX

    • Check out how a Doppler unit works for finding the fox.

      • Bill, WD4LUQ (Bill is fine tuning his Doppler unit to show us how to zero in on signals while going down the road)

    • Using a Loop antenna and an HT to zero in on the hidden transmitter

      • Joe KI4ASK (our Assistant Section Manager (ASM) for the ARRL Georgia Section) and Mary Catherine KI4HHI (This husband and wife team are very successful using a simple loop antenna on an HT)

Where: Little Tallapoosa Park, 1930 Hwy 113 North, Carrollton, GA. Equestrian Campsite number 10 (where WGARS held its summer field day operations). Get Directions.

  • Admission to the park will be waved for those identifying themselves as being a part of the WGARS Foxhunt.

  • For those that want to meet for breakfast, we will be meeting at Jacks Hamburgers, 1190 N. Park St, Carrollton, Georgia (at the intersection of Hwy 113 and Hwy 27 directly next door to Chevrolet Dealership) in Carrollton at 9:00 a.m..

When: Demonstrations get underway at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday October 12, 2019 with foxhunt to follow.    Get Directions.


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