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June 10, 2017, Foxhunt Recap

The WGARS June Foxhunt was the most successful to date, with roughly 25% of members coming out for the festivities. The group once again met at Courthouse Café in downtown Carrollton to enjoy breakfast before the pre-hunt briefing. It was here that the frequency on which the fox was transmitting was given, as well as the boundary of the Carrollton Greenbelt.

As soon as the hunt began, it was a race to the top of the nearby parking deck in order to get the first reading on where the fox may be hiding. Some groups were able to pick up a very faint signal, but others were unable to hear it. The teams then went their separate ways to try to narrow down the location, with everyone ending up at a park on the lake at Southwire. The fox was located off of a path in a wooded area of the park.

Congratulations to Wayne (KM4BYH) and Matt (KM4CUA) for being the first team to locate the fox. Next was the team of Nick (KE4NIA), Brian (KM4UCV), and Brian (KM4UPX). They were followed by the teams of John (WD8LQT) and Brian (WX4BK), and Bill (WD4LUQ) and Martha (KB4RCQ).

After the successful hunt, Charles (KK4CTV) was kind enough to open up some space for the group to make antennas for the upcoming Field Day on Saturday, June 24, 2017. Roger (KC4HNX) also joined the group to assist with the antenna builds. It was a great time of fun and learning for those who had never made or tuned antennas before.

Many thanks to John (WD8LQT) for organizing this event, and Kenneth (KI4FMV) for hiding the fox. Stay tuned for details on our next Foxhunt, and we look forward to seeing everyone at Little Tallapoosa Park on Saturday, June 24, for Field Day.

You can view pictures from the fox hunt here.


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