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Saturday October 30, 2021 was not only the CQ DX World Wide Sideband contest, it was also a day that many WGARS members gathered in the rain in the Talladega National Forest - Big Oak Hunt Camp - to play Parks on the Air.  Many flavors of Rigs, antennas, power sources, as well as many flavors of good were all present. 

Despite the rain and cold weather, a good time was had by all.  The bands were in great shape and even with the crowded conditions due to the contest many contacts were made.

Those present included KK4Z (Scott), KK4OHF (Marshall and Sandy), KO4BVB (Tony and Robin), K4ATQ (Mark), K4JMG (Marty), KF4DVW (Joshua and Allison), KN4FRP (Richard), Kenneth (KI4FMV), and myself (WD8LQT).  Six hearty souls spent the night hoping for the rain to stop never did. 

Many modes were operated.  Sideband, CW, and FT-8 were all put into play or at least attempted at one time or another.  The hunt camp provided for a very electrically quiet spot that was perched up on a nice ridge.  The wire antennas in the trees as well as verticals in use all worked very well.  Rigs ranged the full spectrum of manufacturers.  I saw everything from Xiegu, Yaesu, Lab599, and Icom in operation.

As always when this group gets together, there was great food.  Burgers, Dogs, Chips, wonderful desserts, and some great ARRL chili.  Even some Cheese with a few eggs (lol) and bacon for Sunday morning breakfast.

Hope to see you at our next event.


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