The WGARS hosts a weekly Monday night net at 8:00pm on the 146.640mhz repeater with a negative offset and a 131.8hz sub-audible tone.  All amateur radio operators are invited and encouraged to participate. The net encourages stations checking in to share everything from an interesting bit of knowledge to how their week has gone.

Although not a WGARS net, WGARS supports the local ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) net, which takes place at 8:00PM on Thursdays on the same repeater. This is a more formal net with a training session and round-table discussion. This net is also open to all amateur radio operators.

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Resource: WGARS Net Script        
Resource: Carroll ARES Net Script
Resource: Carroll ARES Severe Weather Protocol       
Net Manager: Blake Raab (N4BWR) (contact)